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One of the challenges facing Property & Casualty Insurance companies is the high cost of replacing legacy Policy, Billing, Underwriting and Claims systems. In addition, the cost of upgrading to the next software release is costly. You have software licensing costs, consulting costs and maintenance fees. More often than not, the biggest expense you will face implementing or upgrading new systems is consulting. Techie Associates offers an alternative to using a large Systems Integrator to provide Guidewire consultants. We can provide a team of experienced Guidewire Consultants including Business Analysts, Configuration Consultants, Integration Specialists and Testers. And we can do it at a lower cost. We have worked on PolicyCenter, BillingCenter, ClaimCenter and Digital Portals and a number of complementary products including Thunderhead and Underwriting management. If you need help implementing, upgrading or maintaining Guidewire systems consider engaging Techie Associates as your partner.

Implementation and Upgrade Solutions

We not only provide customers with a unique user engagement, but we also pave the way for cost-effective results that are delivered on time and on budget. Industry expertise guides our cutting-edge approach.


Techie Associates can establish a clear roadmap of essential considerations to assist your development/support teams to be more productive and improve the user experience.

Managed Services

Our Solutions Centers have a proven history of aiding insurers in transforming their businesses with the Guidewire InsuranceSuite while reducing operational expenses.

Cloud Implementations and Migrations

Now with Tech Associates make the decisions with discernment and insight to achieve your strategic goals. We are prepared to assist our clients with migrating to the Guidewire Cloud or utilising other cloud solutions such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Techie Associates serves as the strategic systems integrator while Guidewire Cloud is installed, offering our expertise to align the solution with your numerous systems and strategic objectives.

Once implemented Techie Associates will stand with you with its managed services solution that will allow you to enjoy the latest enhancements.

  • Drive New Business
  • Stay Up To Date
  • Flexible
  • Reduce Risks
  • Reduced Investment
  • Stable

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Ancillary Services

Document Management

Techie Associates has expertise in HP Exstream, SmartComm and OnBase doc man solutions and provides the full lifecycle of these tools from inception to productions support.

Integration Tools

Techie Associates utilizes tools like MuleSoft on its Guidewire implementations and upgrades.


Techie Associates provides its expertise in Salesforce to support its clients. For the P&C market, Guidewire has enhanced Salesforce’s popular CRM product. Insurers can simply offer customized services and product suggestions to customers with additional cloud-based tools at their disposal.

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